Berlin - Brussels improvisation group

by Louis Evrard, Léo Dupleix, Yannick Dupont, Akemi Nagao, Ingo Reulecke, Michael Tuttle and Fatou Traoré

siebengeiste is a collaborative project between seven musicians and dancers based in Brussels and Berlin. This large ensemble focuses on particular aspects of collective improvisation, searching among the wide range of interactions a big group can afford: from total silence, micro-energetic moments, to total chaos. The particular orchestration (3 dancers, two electronic musicians, and two acoustic) allows unlimited combinations, textures, and forms.
We started working in Jan. 2014 and have performed a number of performances in Berlin, Brussels, Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Facebook page : siebengeiste

siebengeiste #14

siebengeiste quartet

at Nennuochan Tea Haus, Berlin
April 2016

Akemi Nagao and Ingo Reulecke
Léo Dupleix and Michael Tuttle

siebengeiste #10

siebengeiste TRIO - JAPAN TOUR

at UrBANGUILD Kyoto, Japan
Sep. 2014



Akemi Nagao


Léo Dupleix and Michael Tuttle

siebengeiste TRIO - JAPAN TOUR
at UrBANGUILD Kyoto, Big Apple Kobe, Kissa Sakaiki Tokyo

siebengeiste #7

siebengeiste BERLIN TOUR


Akemi Nagao, Ingo Reulecke and Fatou Traoré
Léo Dupleix, Yannick Dupont, Louis Evrard and Michael Tuttle

siebengeiste Berlin tour:

guest dancers: Ruben Antoniano(Berlin), David Bloom(Berlin), Uiko Watanabe(Brussels)
guest musician: Audrey Chen/cello, voice(Berlin)


at Gemeindesaal/HZT, Galerie ZeitZone, Echo Bücher, LaborGras, grüntaler 9, TATWERK and LAKE STUDIOS - BERLIN

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