photo by Luca S

Nagao Akemi

is a Berlin based dance artist and choreographer.

The main tool of my work is observation of body, space and time.
I am interested in observing invisible things in person, things, in our body and society.

Dance brings me back to my body, sensitivity, softness, pleasure, and the simplicity of my life.


dance period: since 1986

dance back ground:
ballet, Japanese folk dance, street dance(hip hop, soul), contemporary dance and improvisation dance

other practice back ground:
swimming, piano, drowing, painting, vocalist, fashion model, climbing and meditation

history of street dance, traditional Indian dance and Hawaiian dance(Hula).
psychology, sports psychology

currently Akemi is completing her master study in choreography at HZT, HfS Ernst Busch, Berlin

image: Nagao Akemi