Nagao Akemi

is a Berlin based dance director and choreographer.

The main tool of my work is body, space and time.
I am interested in making visible what is invisible in dance and society.

People dance throughout their lives, constantly from childhood until death.

I can not stop seeing that everything is dancing in our lives.

I think, dance is the meeting point of body intelligence and desire.

Dance bring us back to our body, sensitivity, softness, pleasure, and the simplicity of our lives.


dance period: since 1986

dance back ground:
ballet, Japanese folk dance, street dance(hip hop, soul), contemporary dance and improvisation dance

other practice back ground:
swimming, piano, drowing, painting, vocalist, fashion model, climbing and meditation

history of street dance, traditional Indian dance and Hawaiian dance(Hula).
psychology, sports psychology

image: Nagao Akemi

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